At minimum, you will need a Boffer (Foam Sword) to participate in all the battle game activities.  Though you can pre-make your Sword, we encourage you to do it on site so it can be done properly and inspected.  We'll have plenty of folks who can help.  A shield can be helpful in keeping you alive during the battle games, but is not required.  Of course, you can go all out with costumes and armor! 



* Special Awards; Pre-Made Battle Ready Weapon, Shield & Costume/Armor

Sword Supplies (scroll below for how to videos & example pics)


  • You can find cheap golf clubs with graphite shafts at Goodwill

  • To help save time, you can cut the head off of the golf club *Absolutely no Metal or Wood!*

  • 1/4"-1/2" PVC PIPING ALLOWED

  • How To Videos provided for pre-making swords 

Swim Noodle

  • $1.00 each @ Dollar General

  • Smaller diameter with hole in center

Duct Tape

  • Minimum 1 Large roll basic duct tape

  • decorative colors for personal style 

Stockings/ Pantyhose (sword covering) Optional


Shield Supplies (Nerf shields are approved!)

  • Firm Foam Board (Swim Boards work well)

  • Burlap Rope or Belt for strap

  • How to Videos provided for premaking shields

* IF Pre-Made - they Must be inspected before using in battle!

* Special Awards for; Pre-Made, Battle Ready Swords, Shields & Costumes/Armor!

2-Handed Long Sword

Easy Shield