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MMOG X- Face Your Giant

Welcome Carolina Churches & Friends!

"MMOG"- Mighty Men of God is a Christ based ministry event group that is focused on helping ministries and community youth groups to build faith based battle game & field relay event weekends!

This can be directed, focused and designed for all age groups from Pre-Teens, College Campus, Married Men and up through the Retired! David was a Teen when he faced Goliath, Moses was 80 when God called him, Jesus was 12 when he was teaching in the temple court and of course around 30 when he started his real discipleship ministry.

If you would like to host a local MMOG event for your church, create one for a region of churches or even put together a local community event, we are able to assit in creating, facilitating and helping to run the event.

If interested in finding out more, check out the next event- MMOG X- "Face Your Giants" and go to the Contact page to reach out.

"The LORD who delivered me from the paws of the lion and bear, HE will deliver me

from the hands of this Philistine!"c

1 Samuel 17:37




Hosted by The Charlotte Church, this will be our 10th and most EPIC MMOG ever! Based on David at a young age, and his very strong faith in his God, he had NO FEAR to face whatever came in front of him! Especially when it was opposing the almighty God of heaven. He didn't just face it from afar, He RAN across the field, stared his Giant in the eyes and took it down with one blow!

"The LORD who delivered me from the paws of the lion & bear, HE WILL deliver me from the hands of this Philistine!" 1 Samuel 17:37

When; Saturday, April 6th @ 10a - Sunday, April 7th @ 1p

Where; Camp Walter Johnson; 918 Walter Johnson Road; Denton, NC 27239

Cost; $47 per person  (inclds; 3 full meals, paypal fees &event T-shirt!)  

         Dads- $10 more for "No Excuse" Bunk Cabin! (Heat & In Door Plumbing!) *Dads only in the cabins*


Financial Assistance; We do NOT want any Middleschooler/Dad left out due to financial struggles. We have special funds that have been donated to assist. Please go to Contact page to ask for assistance.

We also will gladly accept any funds from anyone Private or Companies that would like to support this event and help families with shortages. If interested, go to the registration page and click on "Registration Sponsor" button. *Note: Sponsorships/Donations are not tax deductible.